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On this page I will talk about some of the issues facing FUHSD.  I want to start with talking about FUHSD’s collaborative environment based on trust and respect since I think that underlies the districts ability to successfully address the other issues that arise.

A Collaborative Environment based on Trust and Respect.

One of the hallmarks of the Fremont Union High School District has been a collaborative approach to dealing with issues and finding ways to continue to improve the educational opportunities for our students.  It is important that the district continues this collaboration and creates structures to ensure a continuation of this approach in the future.  

At the heart of this is a relationship of trust among student leadership, teachers, and staff.  This relationship allows the district to avoid the confrontations some other districts have between management and teachers or classified staff.  It also means that good ideas can come from teachers and staff throughout the district, not just promulgated top down.  The result is a team working to fulfill a common vision of preparing all students for success.

The collaboration model also extends to teachers working together in groups to improve the effectiveness of all teachers.  Groups of teachers teaching the same subject areas come together in Professional Learning Community to work on areas ranging from assessments to curriculum to teaching technique.  The interchange helps all teachers improve their craft.  It allows experienced teachers to benefit from the energy of new teachers and it allows new teachers to benefit from the wisdom gained through experience by veteran teachers.  In many cases common assessments have been developed that let groups of teachers compare results from them classes to identify teaching approaches that are particularly successful for a given topic.  This culture of collaboration has been developed over the years, and it is a departure from the isolation of each teacher in his or her own classroom that was more typical in the past.  It is important that FUHSD continue to nurture and institutionalize this culture in the years to come.

As a member of the school board I believe it is important to model this collaboration by listening to the point of view of other members and treating them with respect.  It is helpful to have members bring a variety of perspectives on issues the board considers.  However, it is important that each member tries to understand the perspective of others in order to reach decisions that reflect the best interest of the district.

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